The Acropolis in Athens – a symbol in Greece

The Acropolis in Athens is the most symbolic area in Greece. Although in ancient Greece most major cities used to have their own acropolis, this spot is known as the centre of Athens and contains the most iconic and famous ancient constructions in the entire country. This way, the ... read more

The Island Ios In Greece

Ios island is one of the islands in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. Ios is a hilly island with many mountains and cliffs down to the sea, which create terrific view. the island of Ios is situated halfway between Naxos and Santorini. the island attracts many tourist ... read more

Alonossos Island Greece

Alonissos is a Greek island in the Aegean sea, its the third largest island of the Sporades Islands and the northen island as well. Alonissos island is located close to Skopelos. Alonissos Island is famous due to its outstanding beauty with the most impressing abysses in the Aegean Sea ... read more

A Quick Guide To The Greek Islands

Great Hotels of Greece Scattered between the coast of mainland Greece and the tip of Northern Africa, the Greek Islands have been popular holiday destinations for a wide range of holidaymakers. Where are they? The Greek Islands are dotted throughout the Aegean Sea, mainly off the south east of ... read more