Costa Rica – A Paradise In Central America

Costa Rica – A Modern Day Paradise Costa Rica, a small country filled with sun, beaches, vulcanos, buses, good food and party! No one will leave Costa Rica feeling they did not have a good time. Family Vacation in Costa Rica You will not have any problem visiting Costa ... read more

Amazing Costa Rica Vacations amid Exotic Landscapes

For those looking for the ultimate adventure vacation whether it is by one’s self or with one’s family, look no further then the beautiful and exotic country of Costa Rica, with its golden sand beaches, active volcanoes, lush dense rain and cloud forests, and amazing vibrant seaside towns. With ... read more

A Costa Rican Fairytale: Beauty and the Beach

Great Hotels of Costa Rica Costa Rica literally translates into “Rich Coast,” so named by Columbus for the gold necklaces worn by the native people when he arrived in the early 16th century. However misleading the name might have been for gold hunters, it appropriately describes Costa Rica’s copious ... read more