Queen Mary 2 Hailed As the Grandest Ship At Sea

Just as her predecessor once did, the Queen Mary 2 has taken the world by storm. Hailed as the grandest ship at sea, the Queen Mary 2 is the largest, longest, tallest, widest and most expensive ocean liner ever built to date, according to Cunard Line. Without exaggeration, the ... read more

European Cruising a Great Value!

Although the cost of a family vacation has been going up due to price pressures of fuel and inflation, the euro cruise vacation still ranks as an exceptional value. As the currency values continue to fluctuate, the cost of enjoying an adventure on the sea becomes even more appealing ... read more

Emerald Princess: The Newest Grand-Class Ship

Princess Cruise Line is currently finalizing all the details in preparation for launching Emerald Princess. Modern and luxurious, this ship’s theme is all about choices. In line with other Princess vessels, Emerald Princess will offer Movies Under the Stars, a Princess innovation that began last year with great success. ... read more

Cruising – the popular holiday choice

Cruises are currently in the middle of a big resurgence in popularity. For a few years, it seemed like cruises might have been killed off by an age of ever-faster trains and cheap flights, but something about the romance and the luxury of the experience has managed to keep ... read more

Cruises Are Just More Fun!

Cruise Industry at a Glance. -The choice of taking a cruise vaction is the fastest growing choice of the travel industry – reaching more than 1,800% growth since 1970, when an estimated 1/2 million travelers took a cruise. Today more than 11 million people took a cruise vacation. -The ... read more

Cruisers Rave About Princess Cruise Line’s Outdoor Movies

Cruise lines are constantly geared toward providing a steady flow of shipboard entertainment for cruisers to enjoy. They want your time at sea to be just as exciting as the ports of call you’ll visit during your itinerary. While the standards (such as onboard casinos, Broadway-style shows and nightclubs) ... read more

Cruise Travel

Going on vacation with your loved ones can be an exciting and a fun experience for everyone. There are many possibilities when it comes to spending your vacation at sea. There is a cruise holiday that will suit might ask yourself, “Where do I start?” Well, the first ... read more

Cruise Ship Reviews

Cruise Ship Reviews on the New Cruise Line Offerings Are you fond of cruise traveling? If you are an admirer of the elegant and sleek cruise ships. Most probably, if you go on a cruise travel you will meet up with six new additions of cruise ships to satisfy ... read more

Cruise Ship Dining – Explained

There are many cruise ships now that have Freestyle Dining (Norwegian Cruises) or Choice Dining (Prince Cruise line) available. Or on Disney Cruise Lines they have what is called “Rotational Dining”. They have you and your tablemates rotate through the three restaurants each evening. TIP: There is usually open ... read more