Cruise Review: Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas

What’s it like to sail on a Royal Caribbean ship? USA TODAY’s new cruise review offers a glimpse this week in an in-depth review of one of the line’s biggest vessels, Liberty of the Seas. At 72 pages, it’s the most extensive appraisal of the 3,634-passenger Liberty of the ... read more

Cruising tourism’s star especially Down Under

I have two cruises on my agenda this winter, mainly to provide you with the best inside information on these destinations: Australia and South America. I better get going on the Australia part as cruising continues to grow there at a rapid rate. People from the UK and Australia ... read more

Number of Aussies Going on Cruises Jumps 34%

More Australians are going on international cruises. Data from the International Cruise Council of Australiasia (ICCA) released on Tuesday said 623,000 Aussies went on cruise holidays in 2011. It is a 34 per cent hike compared to the 466,000 who went on cruises in2010. While other industries are going ... read more

Queen Mary 2 Hailed As the Grandest Ship At Sea

Just as her predecessor once did, the Queen Mary 2 has taken the world by storm. Hailed as the grandest ship at sea, the Queen Mary 2 is the largest, longest, tallest, widest and most expensive ocean liner ever built to date, according to Cunard Line. Without exaggeration, the ... read more

Holland America Completes Signature of Excellence Program

For some, cruising is all about rock-bottom pricing. Bare-bone cruising gets you to the destination of your choice, but that’s about all it does. However, cutting corners is not for everyone. The Holland America Line recognized that many vacationers are still looking for a truly distinctive experience: one that ... read more

Helpful Tips For Your First Cruise

If you are looking to take a relaxing vacation with your family, loved one or simply by yourself for some peace and quiet, a cruise is definitely one of your top options. If this is going to be your first cruise, there are a number of issues that you ... read more

Healthy Cruise Travel Tips

Taking the advice of well-traveled cruisers is the best thing for first time cruise passengers to do. After all, why not learn from someone else’s mistakes or mishaps? Of course, you will still have a few of your own, but that is what makes your first cruising experience memorable. ... read more

Formal Cruise Wear Night – the Agony and the Ecstasy!

Formal night on the cruise – The agony and the ecstasy! How better to describe the romantic night when cruise passengers don their best formal cruise wear and strut their stuff? For some men, it’s the agony of picking out your finest formal cruise wear, carefully packing them in ... read more

European Cruising a Great Value!

Although the cost of a family vacation has been going up due to price pressures of fuel and inflation, the euro cruise vacation still ranks as an exceptional value. As the currency values continue to fluctuate, the cost of enjoying an adventure on the sea becomes even more appealing ... read more